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Happy Valley Netflix - Adakah Ia Akan Berlaku?

Happy Valley is a very popular and insanely gripping crime drama set in West Yorkshire and follows veteran Police Sergeant Catherine Cawood (dimainkan oleh Sarah Lancashire) and the continuing hard-line story of her grandson and a whole host of other characters. The new series of Happy Valley which has just been released sees Cawood and her now 16-year-old grandson grapple with the troubles of high school, his incarcerated, deranged, murdering, rapist, psychopathic Father, and a pharmacist who sells drugs to an eastern European gang and the conspiracy he hatches with a woman to kill her abusive husband. There’s a lot going on in Happy Valley Series 3, but will this much-loved BBC iPlayer melanda drama jenayah ever appear on Netflix? Well, that’s what we will discuss in this post, Happy Valley Netflix – Will It Ever Happen?

Why would Netflix be interested?

There are lots of BBC production shows such as Peaky Blinders, The Last Kingdom, Body Guard, and the Fall just to name a few. With the abundance of BBC shows that were previously on BBC iPlayer, (the BBC online streaming platform for UK residents only) it seems obvious that it is more than likely that Happy Valley could be next on the list of shows to appear on it.

Ia bukan hanya BBC iPlayer classics that Netflix seems to be interested in, but also programmes from Channel 4 such as Peep Show, Kemalangan itu, dan Ayuh Makan Bersama Saya.

They also have ITV’s long-running Benidorm, and it seems Netflix already has a huge range of British TV programmes and movies, and Happy Valley could certainly be a show that Netflix is interested in, considering the show’s longstanding and growing popularity.

So far Happy Valley has 3 series, or seasons if you like, and all of them have had their own sub narratives which are linear in a single series but not for all 3, and an over-arching narrative centred around Cawood’s daughter’s son, (Ryan) who was horribly conceived via rape, forcing the daughter to later commit suicide after giving birth out of trauma, guilt and shame (according to Cawood).

Happy Valley Netflix - Adakah Ia Akan Berlaku?

With this new series, a likely possibility is a showdown between Cawood and Ryans’s father Tommy Lee Royce (dimainkan oleh James norton), in which one of them will die.

This is because I doubt that a Series 3 of Happy Valley will be green-lit since Cawood mentions that she wants to drive off to the Himalayas in a Range Rover she purchased in Episode 1.

More than likely

Even if it is green-lit, and there is more to the story of Happy Valley, it will be hard for there to be a continuation of the series especially featuring Tommy Lee Royce since it’s most likely he will meet his end in the third and most likely last series of Happy Valley.

With that said, the story of Series 3 is going to end on a bitter-sweet ending, and with all three Series having great endings and a wonderful array of subplots and interesting, deep characters, there really is no reason why Netflix won’t pounce on the chance to host all three series of this ultimately powerful, nailbiting and gripping drama jenayah.

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